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Wildstar Gold Dye and hot Wildstar forums

Posted by on Sep 21, 2014 in guides | Comments Off on Wildstar Gold Dye and hot Wildstar forums

The Dye system in Wildstar is also one of its huge features, especially for the customization of your weapons. Dyes can be bought from in-game vendors with wildstar gold, but with a Deluxe Edition, or a Deluxe Upgrade, you will get “luminous Eldan Dye”, as the official site put it, which can be used to customize your hard-won threads.

Saying goes that there are two dyes in this edition, namely the Gold and the Green ones. Maybe it’s a confusion since Carbine didn’t give a clear clue about it. So before the saying goes farther, the official forum give a response to clear up this confusion. It said that the “Gold/Green” actually “refers to the iridescent, color-shifting effect of the Eldan dye”.

It also said that “it’s possible that there was a brief time when some of us were confused ourselves on whether one or two dyes were concluded. In spite of our usually infallible nature, we’ll willing to entertain the notion that we may have inadvertently contributed in some way to the confusion.” So they announced from the point forward that “all past, present, and future Deluxe Edition account holders will receive an all-new, never-before-seen Eldan Gold Dye!”

The gold dye surprises players. Many players leave messages to thank the devs to be so considerate and cool and awesome. But they also have questions about whether they should remake their characters or whether it is another item so those who have got the green dye can still get one.

“Stay tuned for updates!” as is said in the post. No further news has been offered. So wait and see.

In the other hand that the head start of Wildstar didn’t go that smooth for numbers of players have complained their issues to Carbine. Those issues have been investigated and tracked by the devs which include the following details as they have published on the official forum.

1. Unable to view Realm List or enter Realms—resolved.
2. Character Creation screen is blank and players cannot progress once through to a realm—wait to be fixed until completely closing and restarting the game client.
3. Users are not being correctly flagged—fixed.
4. Players are treated as Guest and not placed into queues correctly—try log into a low-pop realm and see if you can chat in /zone etc.

The devs have given an update to Wildstar head start and a maintenance has been done. Most of the issues have been solved. Since the launch was available, there are few new issues being mentioned on hot Wildstar forums, which in turn, proves that it has a good start.

Actually, no MMOs so far has a perfect, issueless start. Wildstar is no except. But the truth is that during the past few days since the head start, players enjoy playing the game. This means it is really something worth your money. Also, if you are a level cap rusher, maybe you need to buy wildstar gold.
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