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Radiation to reach the refuge PC In addition to its biggest update in the history of

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Bethesda Softworks today announced, PC version of history next to the sanctuary of radiation following the huge success of the mobile version, see more than 50 million players assume the role of treasury supervisor debut biggest update was released. The game gives players the opportunity to experience the iconic post-nuclear radiation all land in new ways as they take command of their own vault, train survivors, exploring the booty and according to today’s update, exciting battle mechanics and a new task system.

Update 1.6 is now online and can be downloaded on a PC and mobile platforms. In a huge impressive 5 billion unique game players will have more than 715 million inhabitants own, explore wastelands fighting enemies, gather resources, and sometimes even bring back rare items. New features in the 1.6 update to add more valuable tasks, players can send their dwellers exploring abandoned vaults and dilapidated buildings. Several other locations by the radiation 4, such as Wal-Mart and cool red stop rocket fuel is known to be for players to explore.

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An Interesting Development

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So there was an interesting announcement out of Blizzard yesterday, apparently they’re going to be releasing some names that have been parked with old characters. Specifically any characters that have not logged into the game since 13 November 2008 will have their names forfeited letting anyone snap them up once 6.0.2 hits live.
I know that reclaiming old names isn’t something new, you can already petition to have unused names released on a case by case basis. I’m not sure what the current requirements are, but I’m guessing the character in question will have to be thoroughly abandoned before a Game Master will give its name to you.
The date they chose is the release date for Wrath of the Lich King (yeah, that came out over six years ago now) so basically if a character hasn’t been played since The Burning Crusade, that name is now up for grabs. It’s a good date in my opinion, I mean if you haven’t played a character since then, it’s thoroughly been forgotten. Plus, the character isn’t being deleted, it’s just loosing it’s name. They’ve also given us plenty of warning, so if you are particularly attached to a name you haven’t used in six years, you can still save it.
Originally I didn’t think this would free up many names, but then I remembered that this game came out in 2004 (wow), and now I’ve had to revise that. This is going to free up a lot of names, especially the simpler and more generic names. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of them get snatched up again though, I know several people are planning on swooping up as many names as they can when they’re released.
The Godmother over at Alt:ernative Chat speculated that this may be a draw for old players with lapsed subscriptions, but I don’t agree. People who haven’t played in six years aren’t very likely to care about character names, and I don’t think this will bring them back.
No, I think this is just a logistical issue, Blizzard is running out of names. Think about it, especially since we’re no longer allowed to use characters outside the Latin alphabet, there’s only so many possible names. I think this is simply so new characters can be added to old servers.
Still, good move by Blizzard, I’m sure there’s a lot of people excited about this.

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Posted by on Jul 28, 2015 in guides | Comments Off on HOW TO PROGRESS IN SKYFORGE AFTER THE WEEKLY SPARK CAP

Weekly limits in Skyforge are everywhere, putting a limit on how far and how fast players can progress in the game. In some ways this is most definitely a good thing, as it keeps even the most progression-oriented players on roughly equal footing, but it does mean that some players are hitting the weekly cap and wondering what in the world can actually be done to advance a character. Consequently, the developers have posted a new walkthrough of the Order system designed to highlight the fact that there is most certainly a means of advancing once you hit that weekly cap.

The Order system is all about sending out followers to promote you as a member of the pantheon and give you plenty of name recognition, which also contributes to the strength of your character (which gives you more followers, which… you get the idea). It’s one of the the three main ways to advance in the game, and it’s also a bit overlooked. The article helps correct that, but the developers promise that they will be keeping an eye on discussions to help identify problems with progress and perception alike..

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Metro Conflict Open Beta Underway

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OGPlanet today announced the launch of their hottest event of the Summer with the Open Beta release of the hugely anticipated free-to-play MMO shooter, Metro Conflict. Beginning today at 4PM PST players were able to enter the battlefield in the long-awaited release from Red Duck Inc, with Metro Conflict’s origins tracing back as far as 2010. Despite taking 5 years to see their concept come to fruition the team are excited to release Metro Conflict to the general gaming audience in a week long event.

This initial Open Beta even will run through until June 30th and will include a number of the games most exciting features and abilities including the opportunity to play as any of 8 versatile classes, fight for supremacy across detailed maps and enjoy 4 major game modes that offer the perfect opportunity to test ones skills against similar enemies. The Open Beta is available on both Valve’s popular Steam platform and OGPlanet’s personal launcher, although both are currently restricted to North American and European audiences.

The Open Beta week also presents players with the chance of seeing their names forever etched into the Metro Conflict annals of history with 5 competitive categories heavily tracked throughout the event, with the top 100 from each being named and framed in-game.

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Path Of Exile: The Awakening Expansion Pegged For July Release

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Grinding Gear Games today released some exciting new details for the highly anticipated Awakening expansion for Path of Exile in the form of a new State of the Beta letter and Timeline Until Awakening posts put forward by the developers. Both posts give a detailed insight on what the developers are working on at the moment and how important a part community feedback has played such an integral role in the games journey to this point.

Both posts center themselves around The Awakening expansion with the State of the Beta letter informing players that the developers current plans involve an early July release for the highly anticipated expansion. According to the information in the posts the core content for The Awakening expansion is already complete with the majority of developer time currently spent balancing new elements and fixing currently known bugs.

With the details already available The Awakening expansion is all set to be the largest to-date for the incredibly popular Path of Exile MMO. Those currently enjoying the beta will be happy to hear that the beta testing will continue right up to launch, with as little as a few hours between the closing of beta and launching of the full game.

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