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Wow gold saving up tips for new wow account owners (part 2)

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Wow gold saving up tips for new wow account owners and in making gold, one should think of making gold only but to also have fun.
Aside from earning wow gold, one you have fun too!
3. Have fun and don’t stress yourself too much!
If your plan is to farm herbs, you may spend your time sitting gathering. But if you got bored, don’t be afraid to have a dungeon run for time to time. Remember, dungeon runs gives wow gold as well as rare wow items.

4. As I’ve mention on the first part, don’t waste money buying equips that are not needed much. If you happen to gain level every 5’s or 10’s don’t be too hard on yourself, if you really need the equipments, treat yourself! You earned that gold so buying it will give you a satisfying feeling.

5. Remember WOW is just a game! Keep in mind that making gold should not be your priority! Play the game! Have fun! BUT ALWAYS remember, that you don’t need to spend a lot of time in the game, there is always tomorrow for your other activities.

Games should be for having fun and not just focused on making wow gold.

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What does your character think about you

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Unless you’re playing on a roleplaying server, chances are you don’t really think of the character you play as a person. You haven’t made up some kind of free achat wow po back story for their life, you don’t really think about how they feel about queuing for yet another battleground or jumping into the Siege of Orgrimmar for more gear, or just running around killing stuff for other people. It’s just not something that really occurs to most people — your character is just a little collection of pixels.
And that little collection of pixels has come under close scrutiny lately with all the new model revamps. Players have been watching like hawks to make sure their beloved characters still have the same faces they’ve always known and loved, and that new expressions and emotions don’t look weird. We’re all being incredibly judgmental, but for some of us, we’ve been playing these characters so long that even if we aren’t roleplayers, they still feel like old friends.
What if we flipped that around, and just for a moment, looked through everything with our character’s eyes? best acheter wow site What would they think of us, the people that constantly stick them in these situations where it’s either fight or die? The people that happily hurl them off of cliffs without any regard for fall damage, or encourage them to go poke something large and dangerous looking just because it’s large and dangerous looking? What, hypothetically, would your character have to say about you? After all, they’ve known you for exactly as long as you’ve known them.

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