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After 14 years of development, 8BitMMO last LaunchesTweet

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And…someone else. A girl, slender and straight with long blond hair, her back turned to him. Arthas peered at her, curious, and bumped into one of the benches.

Archive Entertainment is proud to announce that after 14 years, 8BitMMO finally fully released. The development 8BitMMO dates back to 2001, when Robbie Zinchak, a separate independent developers to start in a sandbox game, players can work together to help build a world in his spare time. Through multiple iterations and several rewrites games to go. Finally, a publicly playable version ready to return to it in June 2011 by the community and Zinchak started working full title. 8BitMMO continued with the establishment of the passage of time and society itself around it to be improved. It was selected as an early access steam, and released on December 13, 2013 the championship has grown a lot in the past few years, the world and now 650,000 registered users and larger than the United Kingdom to establish a joint land . Fan community is small, but fanatical, some netizens write novels worth of colleagues, to create their own 3D character print model, or in one case even let the game tattoo.

Zinchak has more than been based on feedback from the community last year it adds many new features. Recently added an important new feature is the so-called transponder of a new competitive PvP / PvE game mode alows players to build a base, and then summon monsters and other players to a team composed of. Spawning increasingly difficult enemy waves, the winning side was awarded a gold medal for his victory. The game has won several awards, including the wonders of the night in the Sense of Tokyo Game Show, the Seattle indie game competition winner, and director of choice, independent Showcase Award for Best Technical Game in San Francisco. Although it is officially launched, you can look forward to new game content, the updated version of it.

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