We Need A Runescape Timer

Posted by on May 23, 2015 in guides | Comments Off on We Need A Runescape Timer

Here again,as rs players, we have something to say over Runescape Gold . Have you ever just been a competitive player? And always maximizing your exp per hour? That’s what we are going to discuss today.
I and my friends always like to compete with each other, trying to set new records on exp per hour gained on tasks. Well, doing just that…we have to use our cell phones or a stopwatch program on computer. Granted, yes this isn’t a hard task to do, but it does become inconvenient.
Why not add a timer based element to the game? Perhaps include an interface with the Runescape clock, where you can left click it and hit “start timer”? or make it to where you can set it with a hot-key.
I really like the fact that there is already timers that are set within boss battles, not all but most. In addition the timer,it should be broken down to Hrs:Min:Secs:Millisecs.
We already have a clock, so it wouldn’t be very difficult to implement a timer. Having this implemented in game could even have a lot more uses than what just mentioned above. Money making guides are gp/hour. It would be easier to verify that these guides work as described.
In addition, it would also help with skills such as farming. Setting the timer to remind you to check on your crops every now-and-again.
I really like this idea and hope to see this in a future update because it has hundreds of possible uses